This Association was created in 2000 in order to arrange, to coordinate and to care about the “Vare” holy groups processions, promoting each venture conceived to relaunch the event in the full respect of the religious tradition.
Among its aims, we find:

  • Guarding, monitoring and caring the saving of “Vare” holy groups;
  • Creating Study and Research groups about Misteri and congregations origins;
  • Arranging meetings, shows and twinnings with European and national communities;
  • Inventing training, professional and specializing courses about artisan activities with the potential collaborations of recognized training companies;
  • Editing publications , pamphlet, videos and other documents to
    advertise the “Vare” holy groups procession.

Translated by Ivo Imera and Ignazio Infantino

Rite, Tradition, Devotion… PASSION!